I’m Elizabeth!

I’m Elizabeth! I’m a wife, a Mother, an artist, a buddhist, a yoga teacher and lover of the healing arts. In my youth I was an athlete and as an adult I have always craved the endorphin rush of a good work out.

I studied anatomy in college and I have always been infatuated with muscles and how they work together in the body. But in real life, after some years on the job, I was kinda well….broken. I was overweight, plagued with back pain and I even had a couple of back surgeries. I loved exercise but unfortunately most things I tried were simply too hard on my joints and on my back. About ten years ago I took my first yoga class.  It was a college course and several weeks into that semester I realized I was starting to identify with that athletic body I was missing so much. I had so much more freedom of movement and I was starting to feel really strong. More than that I really connected with idea of understanding my own body. It was so liberating to be able to address my aches and pains with physical movements rather than pain killers.  Soon after that I started going to a local yoga studio and simply fell head over heals in love with yoga. It was there that I realized, if you let it be, yoga can be so much more than a great work out.  I began to really understand the spiritual and emotional connection that we have with our bodies. I love the yoga community.  Its a safe, accepting community. I love that there is something out there that can help everyone no mater what shape they are in. I feel so blessed to bring the joy of yoga  to others. I received my 200 hour teacher training certification at Black dog Yoga in Sherman Oaks in 2015. I offer classes out of my studio Juicy Yoga Noho as well as privates wherever is most convenient for you. Come and let me share this yoga joy with you.

Thanks Elizabeth

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