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flyer sept

I’m super excited to announce a special event here at Juicy Yoga. I have wanted to introduce the studio to my community for some time now. While yes, we are open, I want to say HEY! WE ARE OPEN! so whats better then a bunch of free yoga and a party? The plan is to have several free yoga classes all day Saturday, fun and games for the kids, including swimming, and food, music and drink throughout the day.

The plans are still in the works so this is like a save the date. I hope to update my blog to include all the fun things as I get them together. Their will be free classes, taught by all of the Juicy Yoga teachers, free mini reiki healing sessions, compliments of Kari Cowell and Christina Pitcher, glitter tattoos, Music, dancing, fun, food, drinks and more. Of course I’ll have tons of lovely succulent creations to pur12030284_10153714312407140_5347315247951337826_ochase and even a special build your own creation table.


We will wind down the evening in the twinkling lights with friendly faces, good food and warm community spirit.

Im not going to lie, I have had dreams about this event. Lots and lots of vivid dreams. If you have had something to do with my yoga journey, I want you there. If you have been a good friend and supported me, I want you there. If you are interested in yoga and community, I want you there!

If you are interested in contributing (This includes all like minded healing individuals in the community, people who make good food, musicians eat……) email me at

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