Full Moon Circle with Victoria Gonzalez March 30th 7:30 pm 

“With this Full Moon in Libra, we are being offered a Blue Moon, a second full moon in a month. Libra is the sign of justice, balance, truth, the ability to feel what is right rather than judge with our eyes. The symbol for Libra is a woman, with scales on her hands, and a blindfold over her eyes. Weighing the options, realities with your heart, or feelings, rather than with the mind.

This month has seen deep purging for the collective, allowing us, sometimes by force, to release that which no longer serves our happiness. Whether it was still around because of habit, addiction, need or attachment, many of us saw the releasing of these entities and the relief we now feel with the burden lifted.

With the Sun in Aries and the Moon in Libra, the opposite energy on the energetic astrological chart, this time is ripe with opportunity to steam forward with our hearts leading the way. Following what calls for the heart and trusting that we are protected and loved.

Cacao will be served.
Suggested donation for space and cacao: $11-33″

We gather around the fire, play instruments, make fire offerings, sing and enjoy the blessed energy of the moon and community.
Cacao will be served. This is a donation based event. whatever you can bring. Donate now or at the time of event.